The Third Millennium
Gospel of Jesus Christ
(The Gospel of WorldPeace)

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Gospel Part 1/9

Gospel Part 2/9

Gospel Part 3/9

Gospel Part 4/9

Gospel Part 5/9

Gospel Part 6/9

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Gospel Part 9/9


This Third Millennium Gospel of Jesus Christ is a consolidation of the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John with the addition of a few verses from the unofficial Gospel of Phillip and the Gospel of Thomas with regards to Mary Magdalene.

Matthew and Luke both incorporate parts of the Gospel of Mark. I have eliminated the repetitions and when the same verses appear in Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, I have chosen one for my gospel and referenced the duplicate saying in the other gospels where they appear.

If I have chosen Luke's rendition of certain verses over Matthew, and if you prefer Matthew's rendition, then substitute in Matthew. My goal is to increase the reading of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Matthew and Luke also both copied verses from the Gospel of "Q" (a gospel constructed by scholars based on the repetitions in Luke and Matthew) and I have eliminated the repetition with these verses as well. 30% of the unofficial Gospel of Thomas is repeated in the official gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

I have kept the chronilogical order from the annunciation of the birth of John the Baptist to the Sermon on the Mount and from Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to the Resurrection. I have grouped the rest, (miracles, healings, raising from the dead, excorcisms, parables, teachings, and conflicts with the Pharisees) together in categories and have not tried to keep them in chronilogical order.

The purpose of this gospel is simple; to make the story of Jesus more readable, more user friendly. In this gospel, you can read the story of Jesus from beginning to end without starting and stopping as you finish one gospel and move to the next gospel to find among the repetitions the non repetitive parts.

I feel the awesome power of the miracles, healings and teachings, etc. are more inspiring when read grouped together by subject.

Dr John WorldPeace JD

GOSPEL Part 1/9

I. In the Beginning

In the Beginning

II. Annunciation of John the Baptist to Jesus Age 12

The Birth of John the Baptist Foretold
The Birth of Jesus Foretold
Mary Visits Elizabeth
Mary’s Song of Praise
The Birth of John the Baptist
Zechariah’s Prophecy
The Birth of Jesus the Messiah
The Birth of Jesus
The Shepherds and the Angels
Jesus Is Named
Jesus Is Presented in the Temple
The Return to Nazareth
The Visit of the Wise Men
The Escape to Egypt
The Massacre of the Infants

The Return from Egypt
The Boy Jesus in the Temple
The Ancestors of Jesus
The Proclamation of John the Baptist
The Testimony of John the Baptist

GOSPEL Part 2/9

III. Baptism of Jesus

The Baptism of Jesus
The Lamb of God
God’s Chosen Servant

IV. Temptation

The Temptation of Jesus

V. Call of Disciples

Jesus Calls the First Disciples
Jesus Calls Philip and Nathanael
Jesus Calls Levi
The Cross and Self-Denial
A Preaching Tour in Galilee
A Samaritan Village Refuses to Receive Jesus

VI. Sermon on the Mount

Jesus Teaches and Heals
The Beatitudes
Salt and Light
The Law and the Prophets
Concerning Anger
Concerning Adultery
Concerning Oaths
Concerning Retaliation

Love for Enemies
The Golden Rule
Concerning Almsgiving
Concerning Prayer
Concerning Treasures
The Light of the Body
Serving Two Masters
Do Not Worry
Judging Others
Profaning the Holy
Ask, Search, Knock
The Narrow Gate
A Tree and Its Fruit
Concerning Self-Deception
Hearers and Doers
The Parable of the Good Samaritan
Teaching about Divorce
The Harvest Is Great, the Labourers Few

GOSPEL Part 3/9

Jesus the Cause of Division
The Widow’s Offering
The First Commandment
Jesus Blesses Little Children
The Rich Man
The True Kindred of Jesus
The Rejection of Jesus at Nazareth
Who Is the Greatest?
Temptations to Sin
Perseverance in Prayer
The Narrow Door
Reproving Another Who Sins
The Labourers in the Vineyard
The Request of the Mother of James and John
True Blessedness
The Parable of the Rich Fool
Repent or Perish
The Judgement of the Nations
The Coming of the Kingdom
The One Who Comes from Heaven
The Authority of the Son
Witnesses to Jesus
The Bread from Heaven
The Words of Eternal Life
The Unbelief of Jesus’ Brothers
Jesus at the Festival of Booths

GOSPEL Part 4/9

Is This the Christ?
Officers Are Sent to Arrest Jesus
Rivers of Living Water
Jesus the Light of the World
Jesus Foretells His Death
True Disciples
Jesus and Abraham
Jesus the Good Shepherd
Jesus Is Rejected by the Jews
Jesus the Way to the Father
The Promise of the Holy Spirit
Jesus the True Vine
The World’s Hatred
The Work of the Spirit
Sorrow Will Turn into Joy
Peace for the Disciples
Jesus Prays for His Disciples


The Purpose of the Parables
The Use of Parables
The Parable of the Sower
The Parable of the Sower Explained
The Parable of Weeds among the Wheat
Jesus Explains the Parable of the Weeds
The Parable of the Mustard Seed
The Use of Parables
The Parable of the Yeast
Three Parables

GOSPEL Part 5/9

The Parable of the Lost Sheep Forgiveness
The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant
The Parable of the Two Sons
The Parable of the Wicked Tenants
The Parable of the Wedding Banquet
The Parable of the Talents
The Parable of the Lost Coin
The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax-Collector
The Parable of the Widow and the Unjust Judge
The Parable of the Dishonest Manager
The Rich Man and Lazarus
Humility and Hospitality
The Parable of the Prodigal and His Brother
The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree
Watchful Slaves
The Faithful or the Unfaithful Slave
Treasures New and Old


Jesus Thanks His Father

VII. Healing


Jesus Cleanses a Leper
Jesus Cures Many People
Jesus Cures a Deaf Man
The Healing of Blind Bartimaeus
Healing the Sick in Gennesaret
Jesus Cures a Blind Man at Bethsaida
Jesus Heals One Who Was Mute
Jesus Heals Two Blind Men
Jesus Cleanses Ten Lepers
Jesus Heals a Paralytic
The Man with a Withered Hand
A Man Born Blind Receives Sight
The Pharisees Investigate the Healing
Spiritual Blindness
Jesus Heals a Crippled Woman
Jesus Heals the Man with Dropsy
Jesus Heals on the Sabbath

GOSPEL Part 6/9


Jesus Heals an Official’s Son
Jesus Heals a Centurion’s Servant
The Canaanite Woman’s Faith
Jesus Heals the Gerasene Demoniac
The Man with an Unclean Spirit
Jesus and Beelzebul
Another Exorcist
The Healing of a Boy with a Spirit
The Return of the Unclean Spirit
A Girl Restored to Life and a Woman Healed
Jesus Raises the Widow’s Son at Nain

VIII. Miracles

Jesus Stills a Storm
Jesus Walks on the Water
Feeding the Four Thousand
Jesus and the Temple Tax

IX. John the Baptist 2

The Question about Fasting
Messengers from John the Baptist
The Coming of Elijah
Jesus and John the Baptist

X. Disciples 2

The Twelve Apostles
The Mission of the Twelve
Coming Persecutions
Whom to Fear
Feeding the Five Thousand
The Cost of Discipleship
The Mission of the Seventy
Woes to Unrepentant Cities
The Return of the Seventy

GOSPEL Part 7/9

XI. Pharisees

The Tradition of the Elders
Plucking Grain on the Sabbath
The Yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees
The Authority of Jesus Questioned
Jesus Denounces Scribes and Pharisees
The Law and the Kingdom of God
Division among the People
The Unbelief of Those in Authority
The Demand for a Sign
A Tree and Its Fruit
The Sign of Jonah
Nicodemus Visits Jesus
Jesus and Zacchaeus

XII. Women

Jesus and the Woman of Samaria
Some Women Accompany Jesus
A Sinful Woman Forgiven
The Death of Lazarus
Jesus the Resurrection and the Life
Jesus Weeps
Jesus Raises Lazarus to Life
Mary Anoints Jesus
The Plot to Kill Lazarus
Jesus Visits Martha and Mary
Wisdom and Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene

XIII. Peter's Confession

Peter’s Declaration about Jesus

XIV. Prediction of the Passion

Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection

Jesus Again Foretells His Death
A Third Time Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection

XV. Transfiguration

The Transfiguration

GOSPEL Part 8/9

XVI. Entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday)

Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem
Jesus Weeps over Jerusalem
The Question about the Resurrection
The Question about David’s Son


The Destruction of the Temple Foretold
Signs and Persecutions
Persecution Foretold
The Desolating Sacrilege
The Coming of the Son of Man
The Lesson of the Fig Tree
The Necessity for Watchfulness
The Plot to Kill Jesus
The Plot to Kill Jesus

XVII. Judas Betrrayal to Agony in the Garden

Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus
The Passover with the Disciples
Some Greeks Wish to See Jesus
Jesus Speaks about His Death
The Unbelief of the People
Summary of Jesus’ Teaching
Jesus Foretells His Betrayal
Jesus Washes the Disciples’ Feet
The New Commandment
The Institution of the Lord’s Supper
Peter’s Denial Foretold
Jesus Prays in Gethsemane

XVIII. Jesus Arrested to Jesus Sentenced by Pilot

The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus
Jesus before the High Priest
Peter Denies Jesus
The Mocking and Beating of Jesus
The High Priest Questions Jesus
Jesus before the High Priest
Jesus before Pilate

GOSPEL Part 9/9


The Death of John the Baptist
Jesus before Pilate
Jesus Sentenced to Death
Pilate Hands Jesus over to Be Crucified

XIX. Death of Judas

The Suicide of Judas

XX. Crucifixion to Empty Tomb

The Crucifixion of Jesus
The Death of Jesus
Jesus’ Side Is Pierced
The Burial of Jesus
The Guard at the Tomb

XXI. Resurrection

The Resurrection of Jesus
Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene
The Report of the Guard
The Walk to Emmaus
Jesus Appears to His Disciples
Jesus and Thomas
Jesus Commissions the Disciples
Jesus Appears to Seven Disciples
Jesus and Peter

Jesus and the Beloved Disciple

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